What is Catholic education? Is it just a matter of a name on the building? Or is it a fundamentally different way of learning? Why Catholic education is of crucial importance to us and our larger community...

Join us for this engaging lecture and discussion on the important topic of Catholic Education! 

About the Guest Speaker:
Professor Murray Littlejohn teaches philosophy at UNBSJ. He has studied theology and philosophy at a number of universities and over the last two years he has been exploring the “theological turn” in French philosophy as a Visiting Researcher at the Univeristé Paris – Université Paris-Sorbonne IV and as a member of the ‘Le République des Savoirs’ at the École normale supérieure,

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“Who would have thought that such a small school was capable of changing the life of a person?”
- Seongeun Cho, Grade 8

Have you heard of us? We are Divine Mercy Catholic School – “The Little School with the BIG Heart” – and perhaps Saint John’s best kept secret! We invite you to step inside our doors to see what we’re all about…

Welcoming students and families of all faith backgrounds, we boast of academic excellence, small school size, superb sports teams, a Nationally-recognized school choir, after school program and much more but what is our favourite part? The loving, nurturing, family-like atmosphere DMCS is founded upon. Each student here is a valued member of our DMCS family; striving to love each child “as Christ loves” is at the heart of our Mission. We recognize the importance of developing the whole child: body, mind and spirit and we strive to foster growth in each area.