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One of the goals of DMCS, is to make Catholic education affordable and accessible. A large portion of our revenue for DMCS comes from donations from supporters of Catholic education.

DMCS is not subsidized by the Government of New Brunswick, the Diocese of Saint John or any Parish. In order to finance the difference between the actual cost of educating students and what is charged for tuition, and to be able to offer financial assistance to families who require it, we rely on donations. Because we are a charitable organization, any donation is tax-deductible and all donated funds are designated for school-related use.


Memorials are another way of contributing to DMCS. At each of the Saint John funeral parlours, donations may be made in memory of deceased loved ones with the proceeds going to DMCS.

Donations may also be made to the Father Gerry Grant Bursary Fund.  These donations will be directed toward financially assisting families who value Catholic education but cannot afford tuition.

We are reaching out to you, our alumni, families and friends to ask you to support Catholic education by donating to our school. Your tax-deductible donation will make a difference in the lives of our students, their families and the community.


Avgen is a fundraising program that DMCS parents and friends are involved in, in which gift cards are purchased through the school providing the school with a percentage of the revenue.  If you would like to help our school in this way, please contact the school and you will be provided with all necessary information.

Canadian Tire Money: DMCS collects Canadian Tire Money in order to offset the cost of cleaning supplies and school needs.  If you would like to help in this way, drop your Canadian Tire  Money to the school office.

Fundraising: In order to keep up with the costs of running the school, there ongoing fundraising events that range from the yearly Dinner and Auction to bake sales.

Volunteering: Volunteers constitute a vital part of the operation of our school.  Some volunteers work directly in the classroom, some one on one with the students, some offer their assistance in their particular area of expertise.