The DMCS staff is comprised of five dedicated teachers – all with university diplomas and a heart for Catholic education. Working alongside the teachers is our secretary who not only runs the office but also helps with guided reading as well as Confirmation preparation. The staff realizes that their call is to develop students’ body, mind and spirit and the creation of a Catholic environment within the school works toward that end.

Mrs. Sue Tufts: Grade K-1 Teacher, Art Specialist

Mrs. Paula Dobbelsteyn: Grade 2-3 Teacher, Music Specialist

Mrs. Myriam Dobbelsteyn:

 Grade 4-5 Teacher,

French Specialist

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Mr. Jason Kelson: Grade 7-8 Teacher

Mrs. Judy Burnham: Grade 6 Teacher, Principal

Board of Directors

A caring and devoted Board of Directors work tirelessly to fulfill the mission of the school and provide for the many needs that arise.

Executive: Bruce Bell (President), Jim Burnham (Secretary), and Jonathan Cann (Treasurer).

Members: Jamie Dobbelsteyn, Father Paul LeBlanc, Michael Dobbelsteyn, Sean Rocca, Debbie Cann, Judy Beers, Kathy Goudreau, Pat Desmond, Martha Desmond.