Our DMCS Staff are committed to following the example of Christ's leadership in their roles as teachers and leaders of our school. In gentleness and reverence for the dignity of each person, our staff strive to love and serve each and every student, parent and visitor of our DMCS Home.  Playing a central role in the education of our DMCS students, our teachers and staff commit to tending to the needs of the whole child: body, mind and spirit. 

The staff works as a team to ensure that a faith-filled, loving atmosphere exists at DMCS. As this atmosphere is created and maintained daily, the school becomes a place where learning is enhanced, children feel safe and self-esteem is built. 

Let us introduce you to our team!

Mrs. Judy Burnham: Principal and Grade 6/7 Teacher

Judy Burnham DMCS

Mrs. Burnham, one of the founding parents of DMCS, has been Principal and teacher at DMCS since very its beginnings in 2003. With a degree in Physical Education and Teaching and with many years of teaching experience (7 years at St. Malachy’s High School, 10 years of homeschooling and 15 years at DMCS), she passes on the original vision of the school from year to year and teaches grades 6 and 7. She also teaches several courses to the Grade 8 and 9 classes. Her dedication to the school has been foundational to its growth and her passion for Catholic Education has touched the lives of all of our teachers, parents and students for years. Mother of 7 children and 11 grandchildren,
her love of children and love of her faith prepare her well for her work at DMCS. Mrs. Burnham's passion and commitment to Catholic Education landed her the front cover of Today's Catholic Teacher! Article here:

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Sue Tufts DMCS

Mrs. Sue Tufts: Grade 1 - 2 teacher and Art Specialist

Mrs. Tufts, mother of 7 and grandmother of 7, holds a BA and BEd from the University of New Brunswick. She has 13 years of teaching experience at DMCS in Kindergarten and Grade 1. Mrs. Tufts is passionate about early elementary learning and continues to create an incredible balance of gentle encouragement and an ideal learning environment to promote strong math and literacy skills in our youngest students. She also does an extremely impressive job of fostering the artistic talent of our students. Teaching a wide variety of art forms, Mrs. Tufts keeps the school colourfully decorated with the creations of her students and offers both Art Club and Afterschool care at DMCS.


Paula Dobbelsteyn DMCS

Mrs. Paula Dobbelsteyn: Grade 3 teacher and Music Specialist

Mrs. Dobbelsteyn teaches Grade 3 at DMCS and with a motherly care and love, ensures her classroom feels like home to each of her students. She also brings her gift of musical talent to DMCS as she provides music classes for Grades K - 8, liturgical music and choir direction to our students.  Mrs. Dobbelsteyn has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Theology from St. Michael's College in Toronto, ON, and 14 years experience of teaching at DMCS.  She is the proud mother of 7 children and 8 grandchildren and leads music at her parish on Sundays.

Ms. Elizabeth Macdougall: Grade 4/5 teacher

Mr. Michael Crate: Grades 6 - 9 TEACHER


Mr. Crate, an alumni of DMCS, returned back to his DMCS Home after having graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English. Mr. Crate is passionate about poetry, creative writing and classic literature and is known for his warm, sincere kindness which enriches our DMCS Home daily.  He teaches a variety of subjects and incorporates unique and personal teaching techniques to ensure every student in the class feels at ease and part of the conversation. Encouraging students to their full potential is Mr. Crate's specialty. In the rare occasions he is found outside of DMCS, Mr. Crate enjoys the nature park, reading and writing and good food. 


Mr. Matthew gunnarson: Grade 7 - 8 and Gym Teacher

Nathalie Langevin DMCS

Mrs. Nathalie Langevin – Part time French Specialist

For the past 3 years, Mme. Langevin has worked part-time at DMCS providing us with Intensive and Post- Intensive French. Being Francophone herself, Mme. Langevin brings a wonderful taste of French to our school with her fine language skills, fun-filled classes, Bachelor Degree in Science and as mother of 3 delightful DMCS students.

Debbie Cann DMCS

Mrs. Deborah Cann - Preschool Educator

Mrs. Cann has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for the past 30 years.   Debbie began her career in the Arts program at UNB and went on to graduate from NBCC with two Early Childhood Education diplomas. Mrs. Cann has also completed additional courses at NBCC in Growth and Development, Curriculum Development, Child Guidance, Sociology and Early Childhood Program Planning. She believes that children learn best through opportunities of play, creativity, continued exploration and value imagination – these being key factors in the discovery of each child and their uniqueness.

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Mrs Jennifer hachey - Preschool Educator


Miss Catherine Burnham - Director of Marketing & Donor Relations

Miss Burnham has been involved in leadership of Catholic youth initiatives for over ten years in Atlantic Canada. Having attended The University of New Brunswick and Atlantic School of Theology, and having worked in both Catholic and non-Catholic non-profits, she brings a keen understanding of the many layers that enable this mission to exist. Her passion for Catholic Education is the foundation on which she has developed her role in promotion and fundraising.  She also sits on the Canadian Catholic Schools Trustees Association which is a national board of directors whose mission is to protect and promote Catholic Education in Canada. Miss Burnham has traveled throughout Canada and the USA as a Catholic Youth Speaker and assists with leading prayer time, Sacrament preparation and teaching a middle school course on the writings on St. John Paul II.

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