The first recipient of the Spiritus Award, in 2013, was Mr. John Doyle whose many years of compassionate and tireless work for the community was recognized and honoured.

 In 2014, the award was presented to 2 worthy recipients: Ms. Marijke Blok (educator) and Mr. John Barry (who received on behalf of the Barry Family). Both were honoured for their outstanding contributions to the people of Saint John.

At the 2015 Spiritus Award gala dinner, Jim Quin, CEO of the Port of Saint John and Fran McHugh, Educator were awarded with the 2015 Spiritus Award for their work in the community of Saint John.

Fran McHugh Bishop Robert Harris DMCS Spiritus Award 2015
Jim Quinn Bishop Robert Harris DMCS Spiritus Award 2015

The 2016 Spiritus Award recipients were Dr. Chris O'Brien and Shirley McAlary for this outstanding work with Hospice Saint John.