A compilation of Poetry & Art by DMCS Students

In September 2018, Poiesis, the title of a collection of student poems and stories, began as a way to encourage and showcase the creative writing of DMCS middle school students.  Almost immediately, students would excitedly be asking me, “Has my poem been chosen as poem of the week?”  A team of seven middle school students is currently working on making a publication of the selected poems of the week, set to be published in May 2019.  You would have to see their enthusiasm to believe it - they are beyond excited to share their classmates creativity in the form of a book of collected poetry. 


Poiesis is the ancient Greek word from which the modern day English word for poetry is derived.  It means to create that which was not in existence before.  Creating is not reserved for the few who seem to know everything, but for every single person.   It was with this awareness that Poiesis came into existence at DMCS in conjunction with our middle school creative writing program - every single student has something real to share and create.

— Mr. Crate
Middle School English / Creative Writing Teacher

Books may be purchased at the school office.