“When you come here, your heart will glow with love”
- Ray Dobbelsteyn, Grade 2

Our Elementary Program is founded upon our DMCS pillars: our belief in the potential of each child to grow in body, mind and spirit. 

It's an honour for us to have such a big role in these little ones' lives - our aim is first to let each student know that they are loved, safe and cared for and then to challenge them to grow to their full potential. We love instilling in our young students a love of learning and a love of growing. 

What makes our elementary program unique is our strong focus on literacy through phonics, handwriting and reading and our dedication to teaching math skills from an early age. We join the students in excitement each year as they reach new tested reading levels; the majority of our elementary students finish the year scoring at least a grade or two above their age.


We're proud to say we offer french classes beginning in Kindergarten, as well as music, art and a variety of other engaging subjects. Elementary students have a minimum of two hours in gym class each week.