DMCS Choir News!

On Saturday, April 30th, 2016, our beloved DMCS Choir won THREE awards at the New Brunswick Festival of Music Awards Ceremony held at Saint John High School. We are the proud recipients of the following awards:

City of Saint John Mayor’s Trophy – Highest Ranking School Ensemble from the North End
Marshall Stout Plaque – Highest Ranking Middle School Choir
In Memory of Gladys W. Smith – Highest Mark, Junior High School Choir – Hymn Class

The next day, we were informed that DMCS Choir had been selected to move on to the NB Music Festival Provincial Finals! On Tuesday, we gathered in St. Peter’s Church to record a CD to submit for the finals. The students were bursting with enthusiasm as the entered the Church to find the recording equipment set up and ready for them to record! We are so proud of our choir, Mrs. Burnham and Mrs. Dobbelsteyn for making it to the next level! Congrats everyone!

DMCS Choir NB Festival of Music Winners
DMCS Choir NB Festival of Music Winners
DMCS New Brunswick Festival of Music Winners

DMCS Heritage Fair Winners

We LOVE Heritage Fair! The students of DMCS worked hard to create many amazing projects for our annual heritage fair. As usual, we were blown away by their creativity and incredible work! 

Our awards ceremony  was filled with joyful enthusiasm and genuine DMCS Spirit - thank you to all who came out! A huge shout out to Carla Delaney-Wetmore & Jen Hubbard-Hachey who put a ton of time and effort into making this happen... we so appreciate your dedication to DMCS!

We are so proud of the winners of the DMCS Heritage Fair, held on Monday, May 2nd, 2016. 

Congratulations to the following students:

Grade 4

1st place - Christian MacLean - Totem Poles
2nd Place - Weston MacNutt - Canadian Maple Syrup Tradition
3rd Place - Sasha Buchanan - Maud Lewis

Grade 5/6

 1st place - Grace and Ben Fabrizi - The Catherdral of Immaculate Conception
2nd place - Christina Kipping - Home & Hearth Pioneer Kitchen
3rd place - Jackson Hachey - Martello Tower

Grade 7

1st place - Katie Creamer - St. Joseph's School of Nursing
2nd place - Matthew Harquail -  Saint John Courthouse
3rd place - Maya Buchanan - Vikings

Grade 8

1st place - Emma Hachey - Nellie McClung
2nd place - Cameron Wetmore - Captain William A. Pitt
3rd place - Seongeun Cho - Henry Lau