Prayer Life

DMCS is a Catholic, independent school, faithful to the teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Students of all faith backgrounds are welcome to attend but all students receive the same faith instruction.

DMCS Prayer

Each day starts with prayer time in our beautiful chapel with the whole student body. The students gather together to talk about the inspiring life of a Saint, one of the hundreds of miracles that took place in Jesus’ day or the reason for our current Mission Project.

Together we learn songs to sing together at Mass and concerts, we memorize passages from Scripture and we practice the responses to be said at Mass. We end each prayer time with a host of intercessions requested by the students. All intentions are written down and saved to be prayed for each day. 


Besides that great start to our day, the students have weekly Catechism class. The sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist are celebrated regularly. Mass is celebrated in our own chapel once a week and the students attend the parish mass at 12:15 on Fridays. Students are prepared for First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation which occur every spring.


DMCS provides catechism classes for all grades within the school and all students participate in such classes. In the grades where sacraments are received, children are properly prepared.

The curriculum used in the school for all catechism classes is the Faith and Life series.

Celebrating the Saints

DMCS students learn to appreciate the lives of the Saints in a variety of ways.  Special feast days are celebrated with treats at recess and an explanation of the Saint’s life at prayer time.  Once a year, on All Saint’s Day, the students dress up as their favourite Saint and we have a celebration.  Much is learned about the many different Saints, who are the heroes of our faith, and become role models for us as we grow in holiness.




Faith In Action

DMCS Veterans

At DMCS, faith is lived out in word and in deed. What we learn in catechism or in Chapel time is translated to our everyday lives together. Respect is not simply spoken of… it is required of students and teachers alike. Cooperation, diligence, honesty and other virtues are taught and modeled and expected to be exhibited in the school daily. In this way, our faith is put into practice and becomes alive at DMCS!