DMCS carefully chooses curriculum that will meet the needs of the students at each grade level and the requirements of the N.B. Dept. of Education. Students are challenged to work to their full potential, mindful of the fact that everyone has their own unique set of skills and talents.

The curriculum focuses on developing advanced skills particularly in Language Arts and Mathematics. The proficiency that phonics and grammar provide is taught at every grade level. Very frequently, our students are placed in advanced classes upon entering high school because of their ability in fundamental academic skills coupled with their acquired skill of being independent workers.

Grade 2 & 3 DMCS
Kindergarten & Grade 1 DMCS

Pre- intensive French is taught in grades K-3, Intensive French is offered at the grade 4/5 level and Post Intensive French at subsequent grades.

Along with the regular, academic subjects required by the N.B. Department of Education, classes in Physical Education, Music, Art and Catechism provide our students with a well-rounded array of courses.

Academic excellence is top priority at DMCS and our curriculum is selectively picked to provide our students with quality education. In encouraging our students to strive for their academic potential, coupled with fostering a love of Truth through the teachings of the Catholic Church, our students are formed body, mind and spirit.

DMCS Curriculum