Art Club

One after-school day a week, our students enjoy time at Art Club with Mrs. Tufts developing art skills in a fun and relaxed way.

DMCS Art Club
DMCS Art Club

Chess Club

DMCS students enjoy playing and learning new strategies in chess one day a week after school. There’s even an opportunity for friendly competition with other schools at the end of the year!

DMCS Choir

Under the direction of Mrs. Dobbelsteyn, our beautiful choir meets weekly to prepare harmonious pieces for special events and school concerts.

DMCS Choir


Keeping Active

In keeping with our aim to foster growth in all areas of a child, we ensure students have sufficient time for physical activity and the opportunity to join our sports teams.  Besides the weekly physical education classes, the school also partakes in occasional trips to the Aquatic Center, Poley Mountain, Bowling lanes and the Lord Beaverbrook Rink.

DMCS values athleticism and provides several avenues for student competitions. We offer opportunity to compete in Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Track & Field, Badminton and Cross Country.

DMCS Cross Country Team
DMCS Soccer Team