A Tribute to Beauty
May 23, 2019
The Cornerstone | 42 Leinster Street



Art exhibit
“Before it’s forgotten…”
by local artist,
Fabiola Martinez

Fabiola will be working on 10 paintings, 10 x 10 in., inspired by the artistic treasures of St. Peter's Catholic Church, an architectural work of art. This project aims to capture representative elements of this beautiful Church …

The art works will be for sale and 25% will be donated by the artist to continue the art programs in the school.



“Poiesis” Book Launch! - a compilation of poetry & Art

A significant aspect of our Middle School program this past year has been Poetry - an in depth look at appreciating, understanding and creating poetry. Our “Poesis” club was created to compile our favourite student poetry and art into one book for all to enjoy. The attendees of A Tribute to Beauty will have the first look at this book as it will be launched at our show that evening! We’ll also hear excerpts from the book throughout the evening!



Nationally-Recognized, NB Music Festival Gold Medalists, DMCS CHoir & Alumni

This incredible choir has built up a name for themselves in Saint John! These talented youth can’t help but bring beauty everywhere they go. Their radiant faces, their well-rehearsed choral pieces, the incredible harmonies and even the added instrument performances - are guaranteed to capture you and leave you in awe…

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